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Our Centre was founded in 2000.  Our Medical Centre tries to fully protect interests of infertile couples. Our staff knows what problems are faced by a sterile couple and what a childless family feels.

We are happy to give all infertile couples free legal advice as well as information about contemporary reproductive technologies and alternatives.

It may seem strange, but the term ‘surrogate mother’ was unknown to the Georgian population until 2000. A search for a potential surrogate mothers and egg donors began only after the foundation of our Centre. The Ministry of Health of Georgia has been actively supporting us from the beginning. Our Centre, as well as surrogacy itself, has attracted a lot of interest among the Georgian media. During these years a number of Georgian medical and non-medical newspapers and magazines reported about our Centre. TV programs have been broadcasted about our Centre and as a result, of this TV reports Georgian population is now aware of surrogate motherhood method. People started to express their wish to become surrogate mothers and egg donors, which became a huge aid benefit to infertile couples.

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